Ella Al-Shamahi

National Geographic Explorer and Palaeoanthropologist

National Geographic Explorer and palaeoanthropologist Ella Al-Shamahi specialises in fossil hunting in unstable, hostile and disputed territories… and is also a stand-up comic.

She believes that large parts of the planet’s potential contribution to science is being overlooked because of instability and feels that this is a tragedy for science and these places. She is currently filming a BBC series where she is aiming to ‘re-brand’ the Neanderthals with the help of Andy Serkis.

She performs stand-up as well as science stand-up internationally and has taken 3 shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

She is undertaking her PhD University College London (UCL).

My Sessions

Chairperson’s Welcome: Ella Al-Shamahi, National Geographic Explorer

A National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Ella Al-Shamahi will kick off and welcome you to the second version of Adventure Uncovered Live.


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Chairperson’s Closing Remarks