The Running Charity
The Running Charity

Running is our ‘thing’; we know running, we teach running, and we believe in the power of running. Our speciality is engaging dis-enfranchised, hard-to-reach social groups with sport, and specifically running. We are experts in bringing running into the lives of those who may have never even considered running to be ‘for them’ before.

The Running Charity delivers a programme of active wellbeing to homeless and at risk young people across London and Manchester. Last year we worked with over 400 young people. We aim to naturalise goal-setting behaviour and replace feelings of failure and isolation with those of achievement and community.

The Running Charity uses the power of running to help transform the lives of vulnerable and homeless young people. Founded as a charity in 2014, it was the first service of its kind. The charity offers satellite programmes for day centres and hostels, at no cost to the organisations. We provide coaching sessions, one-to-one support and keywork where young people can set personalised fitness and lifestyle goals, and access to group races and organised runs.

As young people progress with their fitness and lifestyle goals, we reward them with sports kit, as part of our ‘earn your kit’ programme.

The Running Charity has a small core team that help lead and co-ordinate sessions, alongside facilitating a team of volunteers that are trained to help runners and fitness professionals make a lasting difference to the lives of the young people they serve.

We also host a running mentor scheme where we pair together a young person and a volunteer to train for an event together. This is an excellent way for some of our lower-support young people to develop their social skills, develop healthy bonds based around achievement and explore the local area with new people who can share their own favourite run-routes and training tips. This also provides access for the large pool of runners in any given area to directly contribute to some of the most vulnerable members of their community. Our running mentor scheme brings together individuals who may pass each other every day but would never have interacted otherwise and unites them in a mutually beneficial and collaborative approach to engaging with running.