Living Alive
Living Alive

Awe, Wonder + Wild Places

Living Alive create opportunities for people to experience more awe, wonder and a sense of belonging and interconnection with this extraordinary planet that we all find ourselves on. They offer purpose-driven events and experiences for individuals, groups and organisations, often in wild places, that are good for both people and planet.

Elle and Rupert of Living Alive believe that positive, immersive, awe-inspiring experiences of the natural world offer one of the most meaningful and perspective-shifting antidotes to many of the challenges we face as a species in the world today.

This Autumn they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of iconic NASA photograph Earthrise with their #MOREAWE tour – a series of talks and workshops exploring the cosmic perspective, the science behind the personal, social and ecological benefits of the emotion of AWE that it elicits, and how we can all go about cultivating more awe in our modern lives.

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