Inspired Challenge
Inspired Challenge

Inspired Challenge

We are a team of adventurers, travellers and thrill seekers inspired by places we have been and people we have met along the way to support the places we visit. Each of our challenges are purposefully designed to effect social change in the places we visit, creating a long lasting impact on those communities that need it most.

Social Impact

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our projects are focused on the long-term empowerment of these communities, as part of a broader social impact goal. We do not quick-fix-pack-up-and-go. The lasting economic tutelage given to these people is unlike any superficial charity project. Whatsmore, 100% of your fundraising money goes directly to the designated project so we can be sure it is not diluted along the way.

Responsibility and Sustainability

When designing our charity adventures we make sure to work with only local and independent suppliers, accommodation providers, and local expert guides. This not only ensures maximum immersion into the place, but it guarantees that wealth from our tourism is reinvested into the community hosting us. These cultivated long-term relationships with our partners ensure a mutual trust and responsibility to uphold both of our sustainable tourism practices. Monetary resources no doubt are required to begin the process, but once initiated the local community can continue on their own. Thus sustainability is achieved.

Innovation and Challenge

Improving livelihoods requires creative and innovative solutions. When a human stands against a bigger challenge, greater innovation is required. The physical and mental challenge of adventure is what Inspired Challenges are all about.

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